JAMES SUPERCAVE // Musician, Band

Portfolio - James Supercave - Mobile

Portfolio - James Supercave - Web Design


James Supercave is an art pop band from LA, repping “Bowie and Morrissey-influenced tunes and dance moves” ( BuzzbandsLA ). Listed by KCRW’s Jason Bentley as one of the ‘5 LA Musicians to watch in 2014’ after a demo leaked onto local airwaves, James Supercave is making friends fast with their energetic performances and just released a debut self-titled EP.

CHELSEA WOLFE // Pain is Beauty

Chelsea Wolfe - Mobile Interactive Design - Parallax Scrolling

Chelsea Wolfe - Interactive Design - Parallax Scrolling


Chelsea Wolfe is an American singer-songwriter and eponymous band currently operating out of Los Angeles. She is known for her “specific brand of drone-metal-art-folk”, characterized by experimental guitar playing, hazy vocals, and surreal soundscapes.